Kuang-Kuit! Hello everyone welcome abroad. Plz buckle up coz oull are now at FiqaSaleh property and make sure uoll using Google Chrome for oull on good. teehee!

It's been One Month

Hi everyone we meet again. It's took a year for me to post a new entry. With my job and house that my company give me to stay without internet connection, its make me lazy to update new entry. To day is my off-day, got the good news?

Its been one month i working now, its really great meet new people, new friends, new management.  Everything is just great and calm. But doesn't mean that your mind free from thinking about something else.

Okey, i am working in hotel line. Position? hehehe..just let it be secret. what i can say, i like to work low profile so less people can see me. Some people think my job zero level, as long as i am happy that is not their problem. Sometime, my mind almost been restart again when my colleague told me about new vacancy at other hotel. And some, told me why i am not apply at new hotel that opening now.

Its a lie if i am not interesting with a great offer, but i am a royalty person! I am so thankful to whom is 1st call me to interview and than call me to start working. They not pay me with huge amount but i am happy working around with my friends now. Some in-house guest also notice that i am exit hahaha.. I hate gossip and politic in work place, so that's why im happy working as a what im doing now. haaahah..

People out there, don't underestimate my job.  It's look bad, but im not let myself to look bad..
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