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Fighting Itinerary

After fighting early in the morning the girl and the boy they keep silence. The boy send the girl home without words.

Day 1at home.  They keep silence no call and text till time turn 12am. Need some space maybe.

Day 2 - girl check her phone there is no call and text. In mind "okey, let's bet who can stand a day without   phone.

Day 3 - still no call and text and start thinking who make a mistake. The girl start to worry try many time to call and text but she still keep strong not to give a chance.

Day 4 - they girl worry what she did wrong and took her phone and send a text and leave a call. The boy reply the text and give common answer the he dont hv credit.

Day 5 - the girl wait for a call from the boy, but not once. The girl start calling him and text him. He answer, but the girl know he just make a reason. The girl start to cry and understand now. 5day just enough for her to understand everything about the boy. Coz, as long as the girl know the boy never do that to her even the boy lost his phone.

Day 6 - ?????

p/s: the girl still dont know what will happen next. The girl just pray and hope the boy will understand her.
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