Kuang-Kuit! Hello everyone welcome abroad. Plz buckle up coz oull are now at FiqaSaleh property and make sure uoll using Google Chrome for oull on good. teehee!

WTF is this?

What should i do if i got this kind of msg? I think that why my old friend told me what ever i do, don't show off about my relationship to the world because hasad is everywhere. 

text: "so pity,  he lie to u. if u wanna know 'he' lie to u and 'he' always bring me sleep over to his house hehehhe..

Dear beloved friends, 
do i trust this gurl? No!
do i trust the person she mention in that msg? yes!
do i believe what she telling u? No!
do i believe the person she mention in that msg is right? yes!
do i care about this msg? yes i do!
so tell me what should i do?

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